Departement of Biology



Members of the Biology Faculty are active as members or chairpersons in several research programmes of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft". These include: the "Forschergruppe 1061" with theme "Dynamic storage functions of plant vacuoles, "Forschergruppe 967" with theme "Functions and Mechanisms of Ligands of the ribosomal Tunnel Exit", the "Schwerpunktprogramm 1608" „Ultrafast and temporally precise information processing: normal and dysfunctional hearing“ as well as the EU-Project „BiodivERsA2011-SCIN“. In addition the Faculty hosts a programme funded by the state of Rheinland-Pfalz ("Landesschwerpunkt") with theme „Membrane transport: From molecular Principles to physiological Relevance“, the DFG-Graduate College „Molecular, physiological and pharmacological Analysis of cellular Membrane Transport“ as well as the first Heisenberg-Professorship to be awarded in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz with the title „Biodiversity/Marine Protists“. The recently awarded international graduate college „Membrane proteins in cellular development and disease (IRTG 1830/1)“ is being established at present. The active high quality research activities are mirrored by the increase in recent years in the cumulative impact factor of publications in leading journals (Nature, Science, Cell, PLOS etc.) and the consistent high research grant income of an average of 3.2 million € per year in the last few years. This has resulted in 62 extra grant-funded positions. In addition, the first Reinhart-Koselleck project in Rheinland-Pfalz was awarded to a professor of the Biology Faculty.

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