The Master program Biology runs over two years and provides a modern research-oriented training in a wide range of research areas within the biological sciences. These areas include animal physiology, biotechnology, botany, cellular biology, computational biology, ecology, genetics, microbiology, nanophysiology, neurobiology, phytopathology, plant physiology and zoology.

Students receive a thorough theoretical training in lectures, courses and seminars, followed by several lab rotations in which they can explore divergent fields of scientific research. For their Master thesis, students select one research group and work on a scientific project in a modern research laboratory for six to eight months.

The Master program Biology offers four specialisations (majors). Students are trained in small groups (mainly 10-20 people) in a number of theory and lab courses. Students can select an attractive and individual program on basis of their preferences. All courses are in English and many of our students have an international background and finished their Bachelor studies abroad. For more information about the four specialisations, please follow the links in the boxes at the bottom of this page.

Mol Cell Biology