The specialisation Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) provides comprehensive, research-oriented training that employs cutting-edge technologies to address cell-biological questions and their analysis at the molecular level. The course work consists of a series of lectures (reading courses) that provide students with a comprehensive theoretical training in Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Medicine and Cellular Biochemistry. In addition, a set of lab courses offers an advanced technical training in modern research laboratories in which students can advance their experimental skills, for example using fluorescence microscopy-based imaging, human cell culture, expression and purification of proteins, molecular biology and cloning, yeast or Drosophila genetics, or bioinformatics. Soft skill courses complement the training program, for example with seminars about scientific writing or data analytics. During the second year, students will work on their master project which is a scientific research project on which students work for 6 months in the lab. The MCB program has about 20 students per year from which about half are international students.