The specialisation Microbial and Plant Biotechnology(MPBiotec) provides a deepened, scientifically founded education in the biotechnological use of microorganisms and plants. The students acquire knowledge in the molecular biology of pro- and eukaryotic cells, and learn modern methods in their investigation and genetic manipulation. They become familiar with the concepts of systems biology and bioinformatics, and their practical application. This knowledge provides the foundation for applied research topics that are studied in the groups involved in this specialisation, namely: Infection mechanisms of bacterial and fungal pathogens of man and plants, and their resistance mechanisms against antimicrobial drugs; potential and optimization of microorganisms for the synthesis of a multitude of useful compounds; mechanisms of crop plants to achieve high yields and tolerance against abiotic and biotic stress factors; strategies to improve crop yield and quality, as well as stress resistance. Role of molecular chaperones in chloroplast biogenesis; genetic manipulation of microalgae; system biological approaches to analyse the effects of perturbations on plant and microbial systems (with focus on quantitative proteomics). In the courses of choice, biological and other scientific directions are studied, and soft skill competences (e.g. foreign languages, team working skills, presentations techniques etc.) are improved. The degree holders are capable of performing scientific work independently, and to apply their knowledge in different contexts. They can work as biologists in academic or other public institutions and in the private sector, e.g. in research and development, or in support, marketing and sale departments of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.