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DGP2020 Award Winners

Best Oral Presentation

Place 1: Justin Teixeira Pereira Bassiaridis, Sebastian Hess (University of Cologne, Germany)

"Prey range specificity and feeding modes in leptophryd amoebae (Vampyrellida, Rhizaria) from freshwater and soil ecosystems"

Place 2: Anna Busch, Sebastian Hess (University of Cologne, Germany)

"A UV-inducible sunscreen pigment found in the extracellular mucilage of aerophytic green algae (Zygnematophyceae)"

Place 3: Marcel Dominik Solbach, Michael Bonkowski, Kenneth Dumack (University of Cologne, Germany)

"The diversity of bacterial endosymbionts in rhizarian amoebae implies a universal infection of rather unrelated free-living amoebae by Legionellales"


Best Poster Presentation

Place 1: Nina Pohl, Michael Bonkowski, Kenneth Dumack (University of Cologne, Germany)

"The most abundant protist in wastewater treatment plants and its potential to spread diseases"

Place 2: Alexandra Rybarski, Frank Nitsche, Claudia Voigt, Michael Stauwasser, Hartmut Arndt (University of Cologne, Germany)

"Biodiversity and adaptation of protists to extreme aquatic environments in the Atacama Desert"

Place 3: Eduardo Acosta Solis de Ovando, et al. (University of Cologne, Germany)

"Andean uncovered biosphere: revealing the vertical milliscale bacterial and eukaryotic community structure within a freshwater microbial mat from Salar de Huasco"