GM5 Molekularbiologisches Grundpraktikum Zellbiologie 

BIO-ZBI-05-L-2 (Wintersemester)

Montag, 19.02.2024 bis Freitag, 23.02.2024 in Gebäude 13/3. Stock

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AP/AM Cell Biology 1 (Anfängerpraktikum)

BIO-ZBI-01-L-4 (Wintersemester)

Montag, 15.01.2024 bis Freitag 02.02.2024 ab 08.30 Uhr in 13-347. Vorbesprechung am 28.11.2023 um 14:00 Uhr in 13-443.


For students of Biosciences or Biophysics. Bachelor and Bachelor of Education (semester 5 or 6) or Master. Basic knowledge of Cell Biology is required.

Please note: It is recommended that students who wish to take part in our VP - Cell Biology in the summer semester take part in this practical course first.


We will introduce students to basic techniques of yeast genetics, protein biochemistry and cell biology.We simulate a small scientific project and work in small teams of 3-4 students to solve a simple biological question. The students will present their results on posters to the rest of the group. There will be seminars every morning to discuss the results and to design the experiments for the day, and a literature seminar in which the students report about published articles related to the topic of the course.


VP/VM Cell Biology 2 (Vertiefungspraktikum)

BIO-ZBI-02-L-7 (Summer Term)

Upon Ageement

Master MCB.
Basic knowledge of Cell Biology is required. Basic experience in a lab is expected.


We will work in small teams on one common small scientific project using methods
of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and bioinformatics. Students are directly
involved in designing the experiments that they will perform.

Methods used in the course might include:

Isolation of cellular organelles. In vitro transcription. Protein synthesis in
reticulocyte lyste. Radioactive labeling of proteins. Translation in isolated
mitochondria. Protein import into mitochondria. Kinetic measurements of enzyme
activities. SDS Page. Western blotting.

Research Practical Cell Biology 3 (FM - Forschungspraktikum)

BIO-ZBI-21-L-7 (Summer Term)

BIO-ZBI-21-L-7 (Winter Term)

Please contact Professor Herrmann for an appointment.

Master MCB.
This is a lab course over 8 weeks. Students will work together on the bench with PhD students or post docs. Admission is all around the year. Prerequsite: Solid experience in the lab. Most participants will have completed a VP with us before.