Sample submission - Proteomics

For submitting samples please contact Markus Räschle  (4269) or  Fred Sommer (4910). Together we will determine the most suitable proteomics strategy. For standard applications, a collection of protocols can be found here.

For each project an analysis request sheet  has to be submitted, containing all relevant information about your samples. Please include the assigned project number in all E-mail conversations!

Understanding the goals of your study is the key for a successful experiment. Therefore, we encourage you to send us all available supplementary information (e.g. protocols, presentations, gel documentation). In order to protect our  equipment, we need to know the exact buffer composition of your samples. Particularly, the presence of detergents and salts can impair peptide chromatography and the sensitivity of the MS instruments, leading to additional costs for chromatography equipment and instrument maintenance!

Our basic analysis for collaborative projects includes MS measurements at 25 €/h, free data storage and processing with MaxQuant, ProteomeDiscoverer or a similar analysis software. The final results will include a table with normalized protein intensities and summary statistics. Depending on the number of samples, the turnaround time from receiving the samples to the final report is 2-3 weeks.

Upon request we will help you to carry out more advanced bioinformatics analysis, including the identification of differentially expressed genes, gene set enrichment analysis and data visualisation. All collaborative projects require co-authorship of the PI and all involved scientists.

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