Protocols - MS Analysis of Purified Proteins (Samples with Low Complexity)

Whether you want to confirm the identity of your purified protein or to identify a novel protein modification, MS characterization can provide unambiguous evidence. To analyze highly purified proteins we recommend to follow  the in-solution protocol. If abundant contaminants such as serum albumin or detergents are present, it might be advantageous to separate the proteins by SDS-PAGE, cut out the protein band and perform an in-gel digest. 

At the moment our facility is not equipped to perform top-down proteomics of native proteins with  molecular weights larger than 30 kDa.

In solution digest
In-gel digest
Dependent peptide search

Related methods
FASP, StagTip / SCX Fractionation, High pH Fractionation, BCA Assay, LFQ, SILAC,
Top-down proteomics

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