Q Exactive HF

The Q Exactive HF mass spectrometer combines a powerful quadrupole for rapid and highly accurate isolation of precursor ions with a high resolution orbitrap mass analyzer providing ultra-fast identification and quantification of precursor ions with high sensitivity. The instrument is directly coupled to an Easy-nLC 1200 chromatography system equipped with a temperature controlled NanoFlex ion source for highly reproducible separation and ionisation of analytes at the front end of the mass spectrometer.

For quantitative proteomics experiments we mainly use data dependent acquisition (DDA) strategies. The Q Exactive HF is suitable for the characterization of purified proteins as well as the near-comprehensive analysis of cellular proteomes. For quantification we employ label-free, Silac, TMT or dimethyl labeling strategies. More information about the sample preparation can be found here.

Contact: Markus Räschle, 0631-205-4269