Fachgebiet Molekulare Genetik

Genetics (Module "GM 4")

BIO-GEN-01-V-2 (Winter Term)

Inhalt: Molekulare Biologie und Genetik, klassische Genetik, Anwendung der Genetik

Monday in room 46-110, 10:00-11:30am
Tuesday in room 42-110, 5:15-6:45pm

Bemerkungen: Anmeldung über KIS erforderlich.


B.Sc. Biology, M.Ed. Biology,  B.Sc. Biophysics, M.Sc. Toxicology


TM-2 Instructions for independent scientific work - Molecular Genetics (Seminar)

BIO-MGE-03-S-4 (Winter Term)

BIO-MGE-03-S-4 (Summer Term)

Please contact Professor Storchova for an appointment.

B.Sc. Biology

Effective Scientific Presentation in English (ESPE)(Seminar) - Registration Mandatory!

BIO-MGE-04-S-6 (Summer Term)

The seminars will be on Wednesday mornings, starting at 9 am, with some exceptions.
Room: 24-113


Master/Major Eco; Master/Major MP Biotec; Master/Major MCB; Master/Major Neuro; Master/Major Ecol. & Mic. Biodiv.


TM 1-4: Lecture & Reading Course: Cellular Biochemistry - Registration mandatory!

BIO-ZBI-02-W-7 (Summer Term)

Master MCB

Starts: Monday 8.5.2023 in room 13-347 at 1 pm

Block course, full time

The next course in Summer Term 2023 will take place as follows:

Week 3 (May 8th, 2023 till May 12th, 2023)
Dr. Markus Räschle: DNA Repair and cell signaling

For further information click here!


Week 4 (May 16th, 2022 till May 20th, 2022)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann: Molecular Biology of Viruses

For further information click here!

Main exam: tba

Retake exam: tba

via E-Mail: Simone Adkins


Group meeting Molecular Genetics (Colloquium)

BIO-MGE-02-S-4 (Winter Term)

BIO-MGE-02-S-4 (Summer Term)

Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00, Room: 24-113


Modern Methods in Biology (Lecture)

BIO-ZBI-13-V-5 (Winter Term)

BIO-BIO-04-V-5 (Summer Term)

Modern Methods in Structural Biology (Markus Räschle)

Thursday, October 27th, 2022 (14 times) in room 46-110, 3:30-5:00pm

Theoretical Module 5 of Master Biology
During the meeting questions to the Book chapter and presentation can be discussed.

Master/Major Eco, MP Biotec, MCB and Neuro
Master Microbial & Plant Biotech
Master Mol. Cell Bio & Neuro

TM 1-4: Lecture & Reading Course - Genetics, Genomics and EpigeneticsRegistration mandatory!

BIO-MGE-01-W-7 (Winter Term)

Block course, full time, daily seminars.

Course content: Advanced molecular genetics of eukaryotes

Start: Monday, November 7th, till November 18th, 2022, 1pm in room 13/347

Additioinal Information: Participants will be informed by email

Remarks: All students outside of MCB master program that are interested to participate should contact Prof. Dr. Storchová  by email directly.

Master/Major MCB; Master Microbial & Plant Biotech

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