Mental Health

Welcome to the Mental Health Unit of the Biology Student Council!

Together for Your Mental Health

Exam stress, social challenges, disasters, fears...

Some of these factors, and many more, are part of the everyday life of students and can impact mental health.
At our Biology Student Council, we want to focus more on the topic of Mental Health and have established a dedicated contact point for students. Here, you can confidentially reach out to us in times of personal crises, stress, and mental health issues.

We can offer the following support:

 1. Therapy Search: Finding a therapy spot can sometimes be a significant challenge. Therefore, we can assist you in   searching for a therapist and scheduling an initial appointment.

 2. Academic Challenges: If you feel overwhelmed in your studies or are unsure about planning your semester,     we can share our experiences and help you plan your studies or guide you to the appropriate counseling services.

 3. Personal Conversations: Sometimes, all you need is someone to listen without judgment. Members of the Mental Health department are available for personal conversations. Here, you can openly discuss your thoughts and feelings, and together, we can explore solutions.

 4. Anonymous Email Exchange: If you prefer written communication or value anonymity, we offer the option to contact us via email. Your concerns will be treated confidentially, and you can trust that we respect your privacy.

To better assist you, some of us have completed Mental Health First Aid training, but everyone is equipped with knowledge and personal experiences in the Mental Health field. We are particularly concerned about topics such as depression, existential pain, dystopia, social anxiety, or exam stress. Overall, it is important for us to emphasize
the significance of mental health during studies while promoting the normalization of mental health issues for all genders among students.

You can find additional resources and external support on the following website 'First Aid in Studying.' There, you'll find help with topics such as:

  • Assistance with exam problems
  • Psychosocial support
  • Advice on study organization, as well as legal and financial matters
  • Studying with children
  • Studying with disabilities
  • Tips for studying on a tight budget
  • Assistance with discrimination and sexual violence
  • Support services in English

If you have suicidal thoughts or the urge to harm yourself, you can get immediate help from the Telephone Counseling Service at one of the following numbers: 0800 / 111 0 111, 0800 / 111 0 222, or 116 123. The service is free, anonymous, and offers direct assistance."


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