Confocal Spinning Disc Microscope (with FRAP, TIRF, SR)

Nicon Confocal CSU-W1 SORA (2021)

This confocal spinning disk microscope is equipped with a CO2-incubator, temperature control and a perfect focus system to allow not only for high temporal resolution, but also for undisturbed imaging over extended time intervals. In the SORA modus the microscope provides super resolution imaging via optical photon reassignment. In addition, the system offers TIRF microscopy and FRAP.

Microscope details

Microscopy of fixed and live mammalian cells based on dyes like Dapi (405) & Alexa (488, 568, 647); fast as well as long-lasting live cell imaging with stable focus (also in super resolution mode (~100nm)); FRAP, TIRF; automated imaging
DIC, FRAP, TIRF, super resolution modus SORA
Ti2-E inverted, motorized
IlluminationLaser (405, 488, 561, 638 nm); TI2-D-LHLED
Filter cubes

DAPI/A350; FITC/A488; TRITC/A546; Cy5/A647

Detection2 sCMOS cameras; MXR10015
Objectives20x, 40x, 60x, 100x (TIRF)
Focus systemPerfect Focus System PFS4 (offset lense)
IncubatorYes, CO2 and temperature control
SoftwareNIS Elements AR with various plug-ins
2021 (funded by DFG INST 248/342-1, project number 461336323)
LocationDepartment of Nanophysiology
Building 13, Room 155.3
ContactTanja Maritzen,
0631 205 4908

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