"GreenLabs" is a concept that is being implemented by universities and workplaces around the world, and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern has now become part of it.

This movement was launched in an attempt to strive for an overall sustainable present and future by focusing on the negative impact of science laboratories on the environment. In many facilities, labs are the main contributors to excessive water and energy consumption and waste production. The "GreenLabs" concept offers many solutions to counteract these problems, and they are proving to be very effectice in organizations that have already implemented them. 

We hope to encourage all lab users at our university to adopt more sustainable behaviors by displaying posters that suggest practices to minimize energy, water and waste. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference in the long run. To learn more about this movement and how you can help, check out these resources:


Special thanks goes to the members of the BUND university group who brought this concept to our university, designed the poster to raise awareness and helped TUK to become part of the movement to create a more sustainable future and fight climate change.