Winter Semester

Master: Reading Class "Plant Acclimation"

++++++++++SUMMER TERM 2022: THE CLASS WILL BE IN PRESENCE++++++++++++++++++

We will cover the following topics:

Day 1 (9.5.2022): The challenge of global warming for plants and algae (Felix Willmund)

Day 2 (10.5.2022): Carbohydrate Homeostasis (Ekkehard Neuhaus)

Day 3 (11.5.2022): Concepts of Homeostasis (Timo Mühlhaus)

Day 4 (12.5.2022): Protein Homeostasis (Michael Schroda)

Day 5 (13.5.2022): Transcript regulation (Felix Willmund)

Day 6 (16.5.2022): Energy balance during acclimation (Torsten Möhlmann)

Day 7 (17.5.2022): Cell Biology and acclimation (David Scheuring)

Day 8 (18.5.2022): Scientific writing, in preparation for the essays (Felix Willmund, morning only), essay composition

Day 9 (19.5.2022): Essays about plant acclimation on selected topics which will be provided in the first week.

Day 10 (20.5.2022): Essays about plant acclimation on selected topics which will be provided in the first week.

We will also provide recorded lectures from the previous years, so you can watch the topic again (link will be provided later).

For each day we will have a lecture at 9 am and an appointment in the afternoon (the time will be given by the respective professor). It is important that you use the time in-between to read the article which is provided for each topic so we have a lively discussion in the afternoon.

Participation at the meetings is mendatory.

On days 8-10 you will have time to compose an essay, based on topics which we will distribute. By this you will learn how to write scientific texts and how to do research of literature.

Please contact me for any questions via Email.




Ringvorlesung: Modern Methods in Biology I "Cellular Biology and Proteins"

Theoretical Module 5 of Master Biology.

Winter semester 2021/22



Note, we are currently planing to change the format to an online "live" lecture via Zoom. There were too many students concerned with the increasing number of infections.

The next lecture by Dr. Markus Räschle will be still in the lecture hall.

The remaining lectures until Christmas will most likely changed to an online lecture. All information will be provided soon (here and via OpenOlat).


This winter term the lectures will be given in person again. The lectures will be in Thursdays 4-5:30 pm in room 46-110.

Please make sure you are healthy if you attent the lecture and keep your QR ready to be screened before the lecture.

Lectures, slides and accompanying material will be also provided via OpenOlat (accessible throughout the whole term). However, the records were made last year, so some content might have been changed or altered this year.

For each topic there will be accompanying quiz questions which you may use for self-testing.

The teachers will also provide an online meeting at 4pm at the date of the lecture. You will find the link on Olat. You can use this time to ask questions or to discuss the quiz.

For the Olat access information, click here:


Date   Lecturer                         Topic (downloads availble here are from the previsous years but still useful)

28.10.2021   Johannes Herrmann

Imm. techniques and chem. protein modification  (Lottspeich chapters 5 & 6)

04.11.2021     Torsten Möhlmann

Enzyme Activity Testing (+ web-based tools) (Lottspeich chapter 3)

11.11.2021   Ilka Haferkamp 

Protein purification and determination(Lottspeich chapters 1 & 2)  

18.11.2021   Michael Schroda

Protein-protein interactions (Lottspeich chapter 16)

25.11.2021   Markus Räschle   

X-Ray Structure Analysis  (Lottspeich chapter 21)

02.12.2021   David Scheuring

Microscopy  (Lottspeich chapters 8 & 19)

09.12.2021   Gerhard Erkel

Anti-Cancer Drug Screening
16.12.2021   Jan Hirtz


06.1.2021   Jan Pielage

Superresolution Microscopy

13.1.2022   Stefanie Müller-Schüssele:

Molecular sensors

20.1.2021    Tanja Maritzen

Modern genome editing tools


Written Exam: February 9th, 2022. 9-10:30am in Mensa 3 & 4 (KIS says 8:30 am as start but thats the time you may enter the room)

Resit Exam:  March 31st, 2022. 9-10:30am in room 01-106 and 01-006 (KIS says 8:30 am as start but thats the time you may enter the room)


Bachelor and Master thesis

If you are interested in working on plant acclimation, protein biochemistry, molecular chaperones, synthetic biology with algae or genetics, please contact me. I am always happy to welcome students who want to do their thesis in my lab.

Sommer Semester