Fachbereich Biologie

Program Overview

Course Language:English
Start of Program:

Winter Semester (October), recommended

Summer Semester (April)

Application Deadline:

Winter Semester:

  • 30th of April (Applicants with foreign educational certificates)
  • 31st of August (Applicants with German educational certificates)

Summer Semester:

  • 31st of October (Applicants with foreign educational certificates)
  • 28th of February (Applicants with german educational certificates)

Please note: For applicants with foreign educational certificates, applications are to be submitted via our Master program application platform (https://applymsc.bio.uni-kl.de/)

Program Duration:

Two Years (Four Semesters)

  • Course work: Three semesters
  • Master Thesis: One semester of full-time research
Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology or related field
  • Subject-specific scientific knowledge
  • Proficiency in English
Master Program Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Hahn

hahn(at)biologie.uni-kl.de; +49 631 205 2402

Specialisation Coordinators: 
   - Ecology:

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Stoeck

thorsten.stoeck(at)biologie.uni-kl.de; +49 631 205 2502

   - Molecular Cell Biology:

Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann

hannes.herrmann(at)biologie.uni-kl.de; +49 631 205 2406

   - Microbial & Plant Biotechnology:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Hahn

hahn(at)biologie.uni-kl.de; +49 631 205 2402

   - Neurobiology:

Prof. Dr. Jan Pielage

pielage(at)biologie.uni-kl.de; +49 631 205 2426

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