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2-Photon Microscope: Bruker - Ultima Investigator (2016/2017)

The Ultima Investigator is a 2-photon microscope and thus enables a deeper tissue penetration than regular confocal microscopes. Therefore it is well suited for the imaging of living tissue in an intact organ such as fluorescently labeled neurons in the brain of an anesthesized mouse.

Microscope details
General applications

Microscopy of cells in an intact,

living organism with enhanced tissue penetration

Extra features

Tilting objective,

acoustic stimulation equipment,

sound attenuation chamber,

patch-clamp setup

Microscope bodyBruker Ultima Investigator

Coherent Chameleon Vision II NIR-Laser,

green diode,

transmitted light illumination for translucent samples 

Filter cubes

Two GaAsP PMTs,

Photometrics Prime sCMOS camera

Objectives4x, 10x, 16x, 20x, 40x
Focus systemMotor-based
IncubatorNo incubator
SoftwarePrairie View
Acquisition year2016/17 (funded by DFG INST 248/222-1 FUGG)
LocationDepartment of Animal Physiology
Building 13, Room 547
ContactJan Hirtz, 0631 205 4669







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