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TM1-4: Lecture and Reading Courses

  • Coordinator:Dr. Rainer Wirth
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  • Coordinator:Prof. Dr. Zuzana Storchová, Juniorprof. Dr. Felix Willmund, Dr. Markus Räschle
  • Course Content: Advanced molecular genetics of eukaryotes
  • Start: Monday, November 8, 2021, 9 am, room 13/247
  • Additional Information: Participants will be informed by email
  • Remarks: All students outside of MCB master program that are interested to participate should contact Prof. Storchova by email directly.
  • Coordinator:Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann
  • Course Content: Molecular Cell Biology for Advanced Students
  • Start: Mo. 26.10.2020
  • Additional Information: Participants (MCB master students) will be informed before by email
  • Remarks: If other students are interested to participate, please contact Prof. Herrmann by email before 
  • Coordinator:Juniorprof. Dr. Sabine Filker
  • Course Content: The students will hear introductory and summary lectures, read research and review papers, and discuss together and with the teacher the following topics: Application of molecular tools in ecology and biodiversity research, including (but not restricted to) strategies to obtain molecular data, (computational) analytical tools for molecular data in ecology, genetic analyses of single and multiple populations, genomics, phylogeography, behavioural ecology and conservation genetics, population genetics, use of molecular markers in ecology, molecular and adaptive radiation, molecular identification of species, individuals and sex, and molecular ecology of aquatic microbes.
  • Start: 08.11.2021 (2 weeks) 
  • Additional Information: Please see https://www.bio.uni-kl.de/molekulare-oekologie/teaching/lectures-seminars/
  • Remarks:

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